Nadine Hamburger

"She empowers consultants, pioneers and organisations to consciously fulfil their purpose."

Nadine Hamburger is pragmatic visionary for individuals, organisations – and for the whole. She has been working as business consultant and integral Coach for 15 years

  • Corporate strategy, communication, marketing  & public relations

  • Potential and personality development for people, products, services and conscious businesses.

"Meet your best brand ambassador in Laurens & discover your uniqueness!"

Laurens is co-founder of Affetto Mediation & Coaching.

  • Focus, finance & 
    Strategy coaching

  • How to create more structure in your company

Catherine Desmares

"Grow to the stars and beyond with this passionate lady!"

Catherine is owner of Woman & Business and cofounder of Affetto Mediation & Coaching.

  • Focus, Finance & Strategy coaching 

  • Aspiring teacher in: interior design

"Bubbly beauty, mega brains!"

Rianne is author & chief of and consultancy. 

  • Marketing consultancy

  • Social Media Superstar

Ibiza inspirators

Inspirator - meaning: Borrowed from Latin inspīrāre

  1. Someone who inspires.


To infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit; to convey, as by a divine or supernatural influence

Wow! Those definitions sound define, maybe even slightly over the top. Interesting though! We tend to see Ibiza inspirators as people who have one or more special talents. They have an enormous passion for what they do and like sharing this with others who can learn from it and by doing this boost growth and enhancement in people's abilities. One thing they all have in common: they love Ibiza and want to build on the amazing international community we have here. We invite them to come share what they can do with you during our seminars. Plus we share with you who we think are the most inspirational people on the island, just cause we can. Read more about the Ibiza inspirators we love below.

And stay tuned cause this page will be filled with more people every day...

Jos van Alphen

"Launching start-ups is like breathing for this inspiring speaker! "

Experienced entrepreneur who is founder of several innovative startups.  Master in investing. Latest venture: Briqchain

  • Blockchains & investments

  • Business Event consultancy

Tea & Damir

Ibiza Digital Agency

"Two passioned Marketeers on an

innovation quest around the world!"

Tea Maherl & Damir Butkovic own Ibiza Digital Agency and have had a travelling agency going for 9 years moving from Croatia to Slovenia , Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Australia and Bali. Now they landed on our white isle ready to improve this mini world.

  • SEO,  Adwords, Social advertising

  • Lead Generation, Web Marketing, Retargetting

Laurens van den


Gabi Branse

"She creates the perfect Balance in your health, private life & Business using Feng-Shui!"

Catherine is a serious Feng Shui professional, owner of and she completed the renowned international Feng Shui Academy of Ahrensburg .

  • Business consultancy;  efficiency in work flows, customer loyalty and attraction of more clients

  • Private consultancy; Improve energy flows in the house and garden by interior placements for a better relationship, health and well-being

Rianne Toussaint


The Learning Space 2018

Thanks to everybody who was part of our 'Learning Space' workshop events! In the last months The Business Space Ibiza has been overwhelmed by the fantastic responses on ‘The Learning Space’: our 2 month Knowledge program. With 10 workshops and seminars in our first month, each with a different topic related to having your own business; every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we wanted to inspire both renowned as starting entrepreneurs on Ibiza. And it has been a great success! Almost all the workshops and seminars were fully booked and many even had a waiting list. We welcomed over 200 islanders in The Business Space for our knowledge events so far. After this The Business Space continued in March with 14 more inspiring events in March. Now we welcome you to the Grand Finale...

Both experienced coaches as newcomers will stay part of 'The Learning Space' experience. We like to help new and existing entrepreneurs on the island to kick-off their ventures and to connect and interact with others who can bring them a step further. The Learning Space has kicked off the 6th of February 2018 and had a full program until the 31sth of March. 3 Times per week: On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Now we continue with paid Masterclasses, some of the best workshops and we have very special panel discussions in store for you. Submission is for anybody, both members as non members feel welcome to come. Hope to see you there!

Limited spots: Ana Lui - Photography Masterclass

I am an inspirator!

You can give a special workshop or inspiring seminar? Writing class, artistic workshop, business coaching, Spanish course or maybe something more spiritual?


Submit here to apply for your chance on a free space. Whether you are an experienced coach on Ibiza or a newcomer who needs a good business kick-off we are open to read about your talent and meet-up with you to see if you are the new fit 




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My passion & Expertise:

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