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Ibiza's 3 months' business growth accelerator


The Growth space

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The Growth Space - not just any business club.
3th of December till the 31th of March

What you get:


√  Part time free use of workspaces and meeting rooms in the coworking space

√  3 - month business growth accelerator

√  Weekly workshops and seminars by Ibiza’s best inspirators

√  Guest list for our weekly Friday after-work networking drinks at Hotel Montesol

√  Access to the Growth Space App that hosts the coaches & mentors to help you build your company

Finally! Not a crazy expensive business programme of thousands of euros,
but a safe & fun 3 - month commitment to grow your business for: € 75,- p/m

Not sure yet? Stop by and get to know us or come to our New Years' drinks event...

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How does it work?

Weekly Friday afterwork event "The Roof Space"
at Grand Hotel Montesol

Our weekly Friday event makes it worth to be part of this special club - all on it's own! Because an iconic community can only go hand-in-hand with an iconic party. After a heavy work week - we have delicious things waiting for you! Enjoy a deluxe drink, exotic snacks, topped of with inspiring company. Are you ready to end up with an unexpected business deal or, simply get completely wasted?  Either way: the best start of your weekend! Cheers :)

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Workshops, Seminars & Masterclasses

During our 3 months business growth accelerator our members are connected to the best inspirators of Ibiza. We will give the best Creatives, Marketeers, Life coaches, Business coaches, Growth hackers and other exceptional inspirators a platform in the heart of Ibiza-town. All sorts of topics will be addressed that are interesting for entrepreneurs and business managers. Every week there are workshops and seminars about different subjects, categorized in Base, Boost & Growth subjects - that will help to enhance your business, but also to nurture and balance yourself as business manager. After each session the teacher is the mentor of the week and he or she will give you an assignment, so you will actively work on your business goals! Types of subjects you can find below.

The Growth Space App 

We designed an app to makes everything easy. In here you find the monthly schedule of workshops, seminars and masterclasses. You can sign-up to attend the events - either in real life or enjoy digital presence. Our inspirators and mentors can showcase themselves in the app and they also showcase their future workshops, sessions or events. So in this way you don't have to loose track of each-other and you can choose to keep learning - even after The Growth Space event is over. The app is your direct link with trainers and coaches. Which means they can also keep you busy: Through the app they can send you assignments and they provide feedback. And of course our fun networking events guest list is also managed by app admission. 

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The Business Space coworking

The Location 

The Growth Space is held in "The Business Space Ibiza" and "Gran Hotel Montesol". This "Growth Space" is on the most cozy location we could find, right on Vara De Rey in the historical city center of Ibiza. And "The Business Space Ibiza" is expanding, so depending on the amount of participants you might discover their new site. Members of The Growth Space accelerator get 80hrs per month to use in The Business Space. Which equals more than 2 days per week! So you can enjoy some work or meetings with your client in the office. High speed internet, coffee, tea, water and some candy or fruit are complimentary! 

Digital Marketing

Mindset coaching

Social Media

Youtube Marketing

Growth hacking

Manifesting success

Purpose & Values

Holistic Marketing

Brand DNA

Time Management



Energetic Flow

& Much more...

workshop subjects
No upcoming events at the moment
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